All the carefully chosen activities of Camp Gulliver Alpi Orobie aim at challenging and motivating everyone in the entirety of their personality. Consequently, they touch on various aspects: from manual skills to sensory awareness, from outdoor life to   physical fitness, from social education to competency and communication...

… telling you everything about this great adventure would be impossible!

Giochi di movimento e allenamento

Creazione erbario e conoscenza proprietà delle piante e delle erbe

Still, here are some of the activities:

  • Learning simple pioneering  techniques in order to build tables or other useful objects for your everyday life
  • Making small hot air balloons and kites for team games
  • Preparing and acing an agility trek
  • Kim games that focus on observation and deduction in order to train and refine the senses
  • Listening to the sounds and silences of the woods

  • Memory training; touching, watching, tasting and interpreting the world around us to shake ourselves free from the asphyxiating rhythms of everyday life
  • Archery lessons and the opportunity to build a bow from scratch, sometimes even using it for a medieval style tournament
  • Climbing lessons  using trees and rock walls;
  • Learning to build a fire and the relative safety norms
  • building and using a safe Tibetan bridge
Prove di tree climbing
Torneo medievale di tiro con l'arco per bambini e ragazzi  
  • First aid lessons with practical exercises and simulation games
  • Observing and cataloguing plant and animal species that can be found in the woods
  • Visiting local shepherds, farmers and craftsmen in addition to significant places and artistic artefacts
  • Team and individual games to get to know new friends and train your body and mind
  • Evenings spent singing, playing and dancing around a camp-fire; making costumes and small musical instruments
  • Safety norms lessons
  • Learning and employing some acting techniques;
  • Orienteering games through the woods using a compass and topographic maps
  • Learning how to use the stars, the sun, various plants and a simple watch to orient  yourself
  Spettacolo di teatro con scenette e scenografie
All activities take place under the watchful supervision of the assigned educators. Specific or optional activities, like rock climbing and horse riding, are overseen by specialised personnel.

Typical Day

(From Anna's Diary)

Dear Diary, I'd like to tell you about a day I spent at the Camp but after this wonderful experience it's hard to choose! Every day was different and each activity was more exciting  than the last! Anyway, a typical day went more or less like this....


Facile escursione in Val Taleggio

8.00 AM: time to wake up! Getting up in the morning was a struggle but the educators made it easier: those jokers always came on the dot (not even a second late!) and woke us up with a good off-key song that made us want to come out of the tent singing along! Then we played for ten minutes or so to clear away the sleepiness and after that off to wash.

8.30 AM: breakfast time! Tea or milk and each day a surprise between cake and bread with jam or chocolate cream!

9.00 AM: After breakfast  we washed our teeth and then cleaned and tided up the tent!

9.30 AM: the educators gathered us for the camp council... it was a strange event where we dressed in uniform (that way we were all equal) and talked and decided about many things like laws, rules, if we  were happy and respectful  of each other... in those moments I really felt like I was a grown up!

10.00 AM: everyday someone suddenly came to tell us about strange places and adventures (I couldn't wait!) but they never finished the story! It was up to us to plan, build and play our adventures. It was great fun!

  12.30 PM: lunch break under the raised tents. After washing the dishes we had table tennis and volleyball tournaments!

03.00 PM: back to adventuring... and what battles we fought! They even awarded the winners!

5.30PM: shower time and then, squeaky clean, we prepared the games and acts for the evening show.

7.30 PM: after a full day like this, we were really hungry and we couldn't wait to sit at the dinner table. After washing the dishes we had some free time and we liked to chat about our day or finish up with the preparations for the after dinner entertainment.

9.00 PM: around the camp-fire we played, danced and sang together! But not only! We often did different things like stargazing and observing the planets with a telescope.

11.00 PM: a special time we called time of thinking (because there's always someone to remember or think about) and then Goodnight!