Camp Gulliver  is fundamentally based on the Scout educational method and is therefore quite different from usual summer holidays. The attendees are not just holidaymakers but the protagonists of an exciting adventure that makes the most of the natural setting to perform various activities that aimed at personal growth and self-discovery.
All Camp Gulliver attendees are encouraged to do their best and take an active part in their own advancement.

Camp Gulliver is FOR Kids,
Camp Gulliver BELONGS to Kids!

Confrontarsi per crescere insieme

Since it is primarily an experience of communal life, the camp is characterised by a familial atmosphere that cultivates respect and cooperation, so that each attendee is able to discover and practice his/her skills and aspirations. By playing and working together they will be able to recognizing and overcoming their limits.

Camp Gulliver is an adventurous holiday and  a valuable educational experience!
Fare comunità

Camp Gulliver separates its attendees in many sub-units arranged around different age ranges (8-12 or 12-14*).
Each unit is independent from the others and is made up of same sex squads of 6/8 girls or boys each.

This way all activities and methods can be tailored to the different needs and potentialities of the attendees.

* The assignment to the older/younger kids subunit is not automatic and can be arranged with the Camp Director.

We offer the chance to have fun and become the protagonists of a wondrous experience in which every one becomes a “Little Big Gulliver” that learns how to handle the unknown and thrive under adversity with the help of natural resources. Someone who can be an essential part of a happy community, guided by enthusiastic educators that will become big brothers and dependable friends, always ready to help with a smile.

Giocare di squadra

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As a motivational frame, all activities revolve around a fantastic theme: acting out adventures and fairy tales creates the perfect backdrop for a great number of intriguing activities. Learning archery or how to follow tracks  in the woods will be indispensable to catch a dragon!