Founded in 2001, the Social Cooperative ONLUS AZIMUT is a type A social cooperative and, as such, provides social services exclusively to minors. AZIMUT – ONLUS is listed in the Lombardy regional registry of social cooperatives and is based in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan – Italy). It carries out its programs in various external locations, mainly in Lombardy, where it organises educational summer activities for children known as Gulliver Camps.



Camp Gulliver welcomes 400 attendees per year on average and involves more or less 30 educators chosen among scout leaders and social workers, according to their areas of expertise. All members of AZIMUT-ONLUS share a passion for the Scout Movement, of which they have been dedicated members for years, both as youths and as educators. In this context our associates have matured  their experience as volunteers, acquiring the necessary competences to train other scout leaders.

Considering the background of the members, it is  only natural that the employed educational system is heavily influenced by the Scout method, which promotes personal growth through self-education, learning by doing, coeducation, respect towards others and nature. Consequently, Gulliver Camps are not common summer camps dedicated solely to entertainment but  growth opportunities that let each child become the protagonist of an exciting adventure.


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Our core values  are:

  1. ESSENTIALITY seen as the art of learning to have fun with simple things, which oftentimes are provided by Nature
  2. SELF-RELIANCE or rather the ability  to   choose autonomously, knowing right from wrong, after observing and analysing a real life situation
  3. MUTUAL RESPECT as an opportunity for  interpersonal exchange that leads to the ability to see others as a source of new knowledge that can be useful to one's own growth

Camp Gulliver attendees come from different geographical, social and cultural backgrounds and it is open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed as long as there is respect among all parties.

Since 2013 Camp Gulliver is affiliated to the ICF (International Camping Fellowship), a worldwide assembly of camping professionals interested in sharing their commitment to camping and outdoor experiences.

AZIMUT – ONLUS adheres to THE ETRAPENEURIAL CODE OF CONDUCT of Confcooperative and is listed in the Lombardy Regional Registry of Social Cooperatives