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Expertise and trekking

Challenges to live together

Increase the adventure!

Live in the heart of nature!

Master Camp is a new level of experience, it is an opportunity for you, boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 18 who have already participated in the Campi Gulliver, to continue to live a fun and engaging summer community adventure with a profile suited to your new, growing expectations! Campo Master wants to give you the opportunity to improve even more your skills in the life of the woods and the opportunity to live even closer to the nature of the mountains by pushing yourself into the wonderful frontier of the Alps!

But not only ... the days at the camp will be an opportunity to challenge yourself by facing new challenges that will help you to know yourself, your characteristics and your abilities even more! The Master wants to give you the opportunity to understand the needs, yours and others, of knowing how to observe, deduce and decide independently by comparing yourself with your companions to create a strong and decisive community, a source of joy, motivation and stimulus ...

Improve the technique

And get ready to go

The camp will be organized in two different but continuous moments: in the first days you will perfect the skills acquired in the past years and you will learn new ones, essential to understand the environment around you to live in harmony and with the right necessary. You will learn to get by on your own by cooking your own lunches and dinners, you will learn how to best evaluate your needs and choose the equipment to face your adventures, you will learn to make your way alone with the compass and the topographic map bringing your go right on the right path. You will learn to observe nature around you to understand it and understand its behaviors, to adapt to it and decide the correct actions to take ... Here are some activities that could be carried out in the first days of Camp:

  • Construction of portals and flag-raising
  • Set-up of field kitchens and use of the famous "Master torches"
  • Knowledge of strategies and behaviors to keep in the mountains
  • Advanced excursions and technical testing of walking
  • Tests of First Aid techniques
  • Observation of wild animals
  • Path care and signposting
  • Knowledge of trees and shrubs to learn how to use them
  • Construction of camouflage sheets and evening games
  • Evening observation of the stars and the moon
  • Bivouacs around the fire with songs, games and bangs
  • Archery or atlatl

Walk with us

Sign up for the Master!

Walk on the Road

Backpacker and friends next to you!

The second moment of the Campo will be the experience of trekking: they will be days in the closest contact with nature, walking with your companions along the mountain paths, in a traveling field that will take you to discover high peaks, unexpected places and breathtaking landscapes! You will shelter your tent in clearings overlooking pristine valleys, you will be amazed at the beauty of a clear mountain lake, you will savor the cool breeze of the evening that sweeps away the clouds and opens to your eyes a wonderful starry sky, you will wake up at dawn to resume the journey ... towards new discoveries! They will be days when choosing what to put in your backpack will not be just "packing your suitcase", but it will be an opportunity to understand what is really useful and what is less useful. These days you will be able to fully appreciate a sip of water, not because it will be missed, but because it will be your roadmate to carry your water bottle ... and together you will be able to overcome the fatigue of the journey! Trekking will also be an opportunity to learn to reach out to a partner in difficulty and to accept the help that is offered to you ... an experience of true community and friendship!

The Master "Card"

An opportunity for the community

The camp will not only be an opportunity to experiment with techniques and new activities, but it will also be an opportunity to peacefully confront your companions to decide the values of the community you are building. The objective will be to complete and put into practice the "Master Card", a shared document where to report the motivations decided and the chosen methods to be sustained to live the experience of the Camp in a continuous growth!

AZIMUT Soc. Coop. Sociale - ONLUS

Via Spallanzani, 32
20056 Trezzo sull’Adda (MI)

(+39) 02 90963339 - 339 8007516
(Lun-Ven, 10-12/16-18)

Matteo Moretti
Matteo Moretti
21:12 14 Feb 19
Posto magico, da non perdere. Consigliatissimo a tutti i bambini e ragazzi.
veronica puzzanghera
veronica puzzanghera
16:36 09 Feb 19
Un luogo di divertimento, apprendimento e crescita! Immersi nella natura, bambini e ragazzi possono sperimentare tante esprerienze nuove e possono mettersi in gioco con un gruppo di coetanei. Staff molto preparato che mette grande passione in quello che fa.
Valentina Savoldelli
Valentina Savoldelli
16:04 06 Feb 19
Luogo meraviglioso che con la fantasia si trasforma in qualcosa di ancora più bello: avventure di pirati, jedi, maghi, esploratori... Tutto può succedere! Grandi esperienze di educazione in mezzo alla natura, con competenza e cura per ogni dettaglio. Consigliatissimo!
Matteo Pappacena
Matteo Pappacena
11:55 13 Dec 18
Bellissima struttura con ottima proposta per ragazzi. Non facile trovare qualcuno che faccia educazione, non solo animazione. Consigliato
Francesco Teruzzi
Francesco Teruzzi
21:06 10 Jul 18
Una delle migliore strutture per ragazzi nel periodo delle vacanze estive, con un piano educativo concreto. I ragazzi cooperano fra loro, si dimenticano la virtualità del mondo moderno. Un grazie per quello che fate per i ns. ragazzi
Vik Serio
Vik Serio
16:44 15 Jun 18
Mi è piaciuto tantissimo!!! Io sono un'alunna della 5 della scuola primaria di sotto il monte ... Bella gita!! Sgreat , krik,mignolo , divinità Gulliver ! Bravi! Lo scuaccamento di ucce e le canzoni sono le cose che mi sono piaciute di più
isabella rizzo
isabella rizzo
18:34 07 May 18
Bellissimo posto, molto curato. Programma dettagliato e accurato per i bambini. Molto disponibili i gestori.
Roberto Lentino
Roberto Lentino
13:38 23 Apr 18
Dieci giorni di sana alternativa alla città agli smartphone, ai videogiochi etc... un richiamo ai vecchi e gloriosi valori del buon Baden Powell. Da provare!
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