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Winter Camps

Children 8-13 years old

Discover the other face of the Camp

In the warm of winter!

Dear children and teenagers, the experiences at Campo Gulliver are not only summer … you can also experience the adventure of the Winter Camps for kids and teens! A holiday idea different from the others, immersed in the beauty of the snow-capped mountains… You will be welcomed, right in the Christmas atmosphere, inside a warm cabin where you can find many friends with whom to spend fantastic days!

What characterizes the field has changed its shape! The lawns, trees and flowers no longer have the same colors and the same appearance, but they are new and all to be discovered … Who knows if you will be able to recognize the footprints of the animals left on the snow and if they are the same ones that inhabit this territory in the summertime!

Winter nature is quieter, but still alive and full of surprises … it is up to you to sharpen your senses to recognize the differences that make it special. The excursions in the tranquility of the valley, warmed by a warm sun that illuminates and brightens the snow, will take you to face new challenges! In winter, even the starry sky gives us a different heavenly vault with new constellations from those visible in summer: get ready to meet them and discover all the secrets of this season to make your skills even more complete with this winter camps for kids and teens!

In Summary

What is it

A particular holiday proposal that … makes you grow!

Where is it

In the nature of the Val Taleggio, in the Bergamo Prealps!

For who

For children and teenagers from 8 to 13 years, divided into periods by age group!


In the beauty of winter, from after Christmas to Epiphany!

How long

In shifts lasting 5 or 6 days!


It is a valid educational proposal: autonomy, essentiality and mutual respect!

A special New Years

At the campfire!

Are you a boy or a girl between 11 and 13 years old? Have you ever tried cooking on the fire like the ancient trappeurs? Would you like to learn how to turn it on even in the snow? And, for you more adventurous, would you be willing to test yourself by doing so using an ice lens? Come and experience yourself! It will also be a festive occasion because you will spend a New Year among peers full of peaceful joy and in our company!

More adventures await you

Live these with friendly educators!

You too boys and girls will spend many adventures and days “when grown up” … Are you ready to live part of your winter holidays in the company of friends of your own age with whom to share new exciting experiences? The fields will be an opportunity to test and increase your autonomy, but also to learn new things, how to build objects with your hands to use in everyday life! And more … think about how many different games you can play on fresh snow and how many beautiful adventures are waiting for you!

In short, the proposal of Campo Gulliver is to live your winter holidays with new friends and friends in a festive and community atmosphere that will allow you to develop your skills! You will train to become explorers observing the beauty of winter nature, playing, eating and knowing the new world that surrounds you!

The adventure awaits you!

If you are a boy / girl aged 8 to 13 years interested in this wonderful adventure, you can start by calling or calling your parents at 339.8508266, from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00 in the days from Monday to Friday or by filling out the form on the site!

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