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Winter activities

Children 8-13 years old

The experience of being together

Community life and simple fun!

Manual skill, creativity and adventure characterize the winter activities of Campo Gulliver! Individual or team, sporting or intellectual challenges but always in the spirit of joy, fun and respect for nature! The activities and experiences at the Winter Camps are many and engaging… we have offers for Christmas and New Year, here are some:


  • Knowledge and cataloging of local plant species to learn about their properties and possible uses
  • Recognition of winter animals, their methods of adaptation and traces, the cast of their footprints
  • Observation of the celestial vault full of new constellations to be discovered
  • Excursions on the mountains surrounding the Campo to discover the natural environments changed by the change of season
  • Mimicry game to make yourself invisible and live in silent nature

Manual skill

  • Realization of small hot-air balloons and related team competitions
  • Construction of snow-covered forts and team challenges in snowball battles
  • Knowledge of fire and fire fighting techniques
  • Knowledge of the main scout nodes to build small buildings
  • Setting up shelters in the woods for the observation of wild animals
  • Team race in the construction of snow castles and natural elements: from design to construction


  • Learn to orient yourself through the topographic map and the compass
  • Lighting fires in the snow with typically winter techniques
  • Experimentation of First Aid techniques useful to know and implement prevention behavior
  • Transmission of encrypted messages to your teammates in the Morse alphabet and through different tools such as whistles, flags and light signals

Game and fantasy

  • Songs, dances, games and stories around the fire
  • Scenes and preparation of costumes and some small musical instruments
  • Know the different expressiveness and interpretations through some basic theater techniques
  • Train your senses by observing and recognizing smells, artificial and natural noises through Kim’s games


  • Individual and team competitions in different activities
  • Preparation and race in the skill course
  • Animation games, simulation, knowledge, reflex readiness
  • Construction of arches and shooting tests

Sport, nature and adventure characterize the activities of Campo Gulliver which are carried out under the direct control of educators. The most specific experiences are followed by specialized personnel.


The boys tell … the typical day!

Before saying goodbye at the end of the shift, the boys wanted to tell a day of those carried out at the Campo to remember the adventures they had experienced and their holiday companions … Here it is!

The awkward morning alarm
The alarm clock sounded right on time, but it wasn’t the one we are used to! That house is a shrill chant of electronic devices that we always carry with us, but here were the educators of the Camp who woke us up with enthusiastic voices (and even a little out of tune!) … We have not yet understood how they managed to be so loaded already at the alarm clock! They exhorted us to get out of our warm sleeping bags to start a new adventure … Whether it was a forgotten song or a mandolin sound, the “good morning” of Campo Gulliver was always festive and full of joy! To be able to diminish the yawns and wake up properly we proposed ten minutes of gymnastics played and then we had some time to wash …


let’s have breakfast!

8:30 was breakfast time: tea, milk or chocolate milk accompanied by fragrant slices of bread with jam or nutella and, not infrequently, a nice slice of cake! After breakfast we brushed our teeth, changed our clothes and tidied up our bed …

The Camp Council

Just after we finished washing, the educators called us all in uniform to help us verify how our life in the community went and the rules that we ourselves had given and that are our reference for this field … From these moments of morning attention I learned that we are the protagonists of our choices and therefore we must take responsibility for our actions!

There was always a new one!

Every day there appeared a fantastic character, comic or a strange creature who, telling us a story, proposed a new adventure to us! It was up to us kids to organize, plan, build and play … we designed snow-covered forts each with their own team and then the snowball challenge started! Luckily we went back to the hut to warm up!

we eat again

At 12.30 hot and succulent lunch and after washing the dishes we had free time! We could play in the open air and pungent or take time to draw in our field notebook or play team games in the warmth of the cabin …

An afternoon of activity!

After lunch, the activities resumed: on different days we learned to blend into nature, light the fire, recognize animal footprints and many other outdoor life techniques!

Even today the showers!

At 17.30 it’s time to clean up! The long-awaited moment of a hot shower and a change of clothes has arrived! After washing ourselves, we finish the afternoon activities in the hut …

At the table!

After a day full of fun and having learned so much, we have to do our duty: feed the appetite! When the dishes were washed, free time was waiting for us, and on some days even the phone calls to the parents … how many things to tell! Even the most timid boys showed a great gab! Finished these we ended up revising the parts for the scenes …

Many different evenings!

Dances and songs around the fire are a classic of the Campo Gulliver, but every night is different from the others thanks to the creative activities proposed by the educators … The forest changes its forms and the night makes us discover new sounds and perceptions!

Rest time …

The end of the bivouac was with the moment of thought, a way to better consider the day spent and the different experiences made. After brushing our teeth, the time for rest comes!

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