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Summer Camps

Children and teenagers 7-14 years

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Between Christmas and the Epiphany

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For teen from 15 to 18

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Welcome to the Camp!

Un luogo per crescere divertendosi!

Dear children and teen, kind parents ... welcome to Campo Gulliver, a place where you can enjoy fun and adventurous holidays, to remember and tell! Here you will participate in stays made of small and big things ... Summers and winters of peaceful days in a continuous adventure, sleeping in raised tents or in a typical alpine cabin, near woods and at the foot of the most beautiful mountains! But not only ... participating in the Camp is an opportunity to discover yourself and your abilities better, living together with your peers, companions of adventure, experiences to grow that will help you improve while having fun!


31 Marzo - 14 Aprile - 12 Maggio

About us

The parents opinions!

  • Good morning,
    I take this opportunity to thank you for your availability and care for the children you welcome, my son is very happy to participate in the Campo Gulliver and to say that he liked it is simplistic: it is very happy to have done these days with you! Next year we will make sure to let him have another experience with you, because when my son talks about you his soul lights up. Campo Gulliver will always be in the heart of E. and thank you so much, we hope to see you again next year.
    Good Trip

  • Good morning,
    I want to thank everyone from the Director, to the cooks, to the educators, for the good and above all profitable work done in the field. My daughter, despite various moments of nostalgia, an element that has always distinguished her from an early age, told of experiences with new friends, with great enthusiasm and above all satisfaction.
    I believe that this field, out of the box for the usual holiday, is an important and useful experience for any child and boy.
    A heartfelt thanks.
  • Good evening,
    we are R.'s parents. Tonight we heard him ... he was, to say the least, enthusiastic! We thank you for the wonderful work you are doing ... Congratulations on the organization, the discipline, the punctuality you teach and the imagination. R. told us about the wonderful activities you do together, he was happy and made us happy too. You have all our support and our gratitude!
    Best wishes to all of you and good continuation.
  • Hello Sergio, hello Lucia and all the old wolves that have accompanied E. in this adventure.
    Congratulations to all of you, not only have you made him live a new experience, but you have been able to accompany him on his journey of growth. Needless to tell the excitement of E., his eyes and his pride for having learned new things and for having done it ... they say it all !! And why not talk about your eyes? In "telling us" about our son, we have touched your passion and dedication for what you do and, allow me ... this makes the difference !!
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Good morning,
    I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful experience that you have made to live in V. and I congratulate you for your work: sincerely the Campo Gulliver has satisfied me a lot, so I hope to be able to revive my daughter another experience like this next year. When I asked V. if he would like to come back, he replied "Obviously!", Which says it all. To me personally, this experience has served to reflect on my role as a parent, asking me what they need to learn the kids nowadays, and what is less important.
    Many thanks to all

AZIMUT Soc. Coop. Sociale - ONLUS

Via Spallanzani, 32
20056 Trezzo sull’Adda (MI)

(+39) 02 90963339 - 339 8007516
(Lun-Ven, 10-12/16-18)

Matteo Pappacena
Matteo Pappacena
11:55 13 Dec 18
Bellissima struttura con ottima proposta per ragazzi. Non facile trovare qualcuno che faccia educazione, non solo animazione. Consigliato
Francesco Teruzzi
Francesco Teruzzi
21:06 10 Jul 18
Una delle migliore strutture per ragazzi nel periodo delle vacanze estive, con un piano educativo concreto. I ragazzi cooperano fra loro, si dimenticano la virtualità del mondo moderno. Un grazie per quello che fate per i ns. ragazzi
Vik Serio
Vik Serio
16:44 15 Jun 18
Mi è piaciuto tantissimo!!! Io sono un'alunna della 5 della scuola primaria di sotto il monte ... Bella gita!! Sgreat , krik,mignolo , divinità Gulliver ! Bravi! Lo scuaccamento di ucce e le canzoni sono le cose che mi sono piaciute di più
isabella rizzo
isabella rizzo
18:34 07 May 18
Bellissimo posto, molto curato. Programma dettagliato e accurato per i bambini. Molto disponibili i gestori.
Roberto Lentino
Roberto Lentino
13:38 23 Apr 18
Dieci giorni di sana alternativa alla città agli smartphone, ai videogiochi etc... un richiamo ai vecchi e gloriosi valori del buon Baden Powell. Da provare!
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