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Arts & Crafts

A project for your future

Experiment with educational activities

And discover skills you didn’t think you had!

“Arti & Mestieri” is the project that Campo Gulliver has been carrying out for several years in some of the educational activities offered to adolescent boys and girls during the summer stay periods! This initiative is already an integral part of the program and is a unique opportunity to put at the center of the holiday in the field, made up of communities, friendships, adventure activities and nature, also the opportunity to experience works and crafts that could be part of your future , but without forgetting the fun!

It winks at the future

every profession has its dignity!

The proposal is not that of a “work camp” but rather a “wink” to some professions that you might decide to carry out: with educational activities you will discover that choosing a job is not “making a career” and that every profession, even manual ones, it is dignified, it requires skill, professionalism and passion!

You can then happen to find yourself a cook today and a journalist tomorrow, an electrician on a Friday and a painter on a Saturday, a plumber in the morning and a computer scientist in the evening! You could meet the Fire Brigade and experiment with the use of fire extinguishers and fire hoses knowing the people who have chosen this very important job … Or you could meet the Carabinieri and, deepening their investigation techniques, you will understand that their work is a help choice and service to your country and citizenship … All this to help you discover the secrets of every profession to learn the art … and put it aside!