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What to bring

At summer camps

The adventure starts here

Make your own luggage!

The availability of all the necessary material required is an indispensable prerequisite for a serene experience at the Camp, the proposed activities in fact, although not “survivor”, require the availability of practical clothing suitable for outdoor life, also to protect safety for children and young people … In particular, this applies to boots, a sleeping bag and a rain cape.
In order for children and young people to be fully aware of all the material available to them, and where it is located inside the baggage, it is important that the preparation of the baggage itself is done in the company of the parents, but by children and young people same

We remind you that the Management does not assume responsibility for the lack of clothing or equipment necessary to stay in the camp.

Here are other useful information:

  • put the clothes in bags divided by “garment type
  • use a backpack or a flexible bag (because they are much less bulky when they are empty) and carefully secured
  • any objects hanging externally
  • it is also essential to have an additional backpack (school type): it will be very useful for the trip and we can use it during the excursions
  • mark your baggage and clothes with your name and surname or with your identification number
  • bring practical clothes, not beautiful, simple and suitable for “camping life” and the mountain climate

We remind you that for educational and security reasons, it is not possible to bring to the Camp:

  • Any food
  • Books, also educational, or comics
  • Music players and electronic games
  • Blunt objects (pocket knives, slingshots, etc.)

Now, that’s the list about what to bring at stays:

The most important!
  • Heavy sleeping bag
  • For those who sleep in a tent, an inflatable mattress or a mat (no cots, the pump to inflate is not needed)
  • “Fisherman type” rain cape
  • Windbreaker or winter down jacket
  • High ankle boots
  • Winter shoes
  • Sneakers
The generic case
  • Flashlight working with charged batteries
  • Personal stationery (felt-tip pens, round-tipped scissors, pencils)
  • Mobile phone charged (NEEDED – It will not be possible to recharge it at the camp) to be deposited in the direction
The clothes bag
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pairs of long trousers, one of which is heavy
  • 4 cotton shirts
  • 2 wool sweaters or heavy sweatshirts (but not fleece)
  • 1 heavy shirt or long-sleeved polo shirt
  • 3 day tops
The crockery
  • Locker or shockproof plate
  • Sturdy cutlery with a rounded point knife
  • Plastic cup and bowl
  • Large water bottle (at least 1 liter)
For the toilet
  • Personal cleaning material (no spray and no gel!)
  • Face wipe
  • Bathrobe, preferably in microfibre, of a suitable size able to guarantee personal intimacy
  • Plastic slippers
  • In case of sensitive skin, protective sun cream
  • Lip cream
The bag for the night
  • Pajamas or tracksuit
  • 2 intimate tank tops (different from the others)
  • Socks for the night (different from others)
The laundry bag
  • 5 pairs of cotton socks
  • 2 pairs of high wool stockings (below the knee)
  • 6 pairs of underwear
  • Tissues
More to bring

It is important to have a large bag of cloth to devote to dirty clothes while waiting for cleaning! We therefore remind you that there are moments for washing laundry (soap is provided by the Camp).

Guests can have a small amount of money, no more than € 35, to use for small expenses (ice cream, souvenirs, …)