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What to bring

At the Master camp

There is no good or bad weather

But good or bad equipment!

Dear boys and girls, the adventure of the Master Camp begins already with the preparation of the baggage! In trekking, in fact, everything that you decide to take with you must be considered for its weight and its bulk and having to carry the material in the backpack on your shoulders, a careful choice of what you decide to have becomes a fundamental component for the full success of the experience you are going to live…

Preparing a trekking backpack and the equipment for adventure camp is therefore in itself an experience of “essentiality” for which it is necessary to know how to renounce the superfluous and devote real attention to the choice of things: do we really need everything we think we need? For example: a whole bar of soap is too much for 10 days as well as a tube of full toothpaste! Also pay attention to the materials: a glass jar is heavier than a plastic one … not to mention perfumes, gels or other! Do they really serve? And consider the quantity: consider that a lot of laundry can be washed and therefore reduced in number. Always remember that “the grams make the pounds” and that sharing things … lightens everyone! Bring practical, unattractive, covering, simple and suitable for “camping life” and mountain climate …

Furthermore, life in the mountains is not something to improvise and to face “lightly”: having good equipment for adventure camp and all the necessary, at the best of functionality, is essential for the safety of all participants and the lack of equipment of the requested material may lead to non-participation in the trek. We therefore recommend that you bring everything listed below with you … We remind you that the Management does not assume responsibility for the lack of clothing or equipment required for the proposed field. Here is what you need to bring with you, and the recommended maximum weights, to better enjoy the experience of the Master Camp:

Essential technical material!
  • Sturdy hiking boots in the mountains, high ankle and waterproof
  • Sturdy and comfortable trekking backpack with a capacity between 70 and 90 liters (with some external pockets and external straps for fixing curtains, the quality of the back support and the ergonomics of everything is fundamental)
  • Warm sleeping bag (no sea or summer, max 1.5 kg), placed in a waterproof plastic bag
  • A light mattress for sleeping (max 1 kg)
    1 liter bottle (with screw lock, no snap)
  • Rugged “fisherman type” rain cape (no k-way)
  • Warm and waterproof windbreaker
  • Metal locker and light cutlery (max 500 gr)

1 Heavy flannel type shirt
1 Heavy sweater and 1 light sweater
3 Cotton shirts
2 Tank tops with wide shoulder straps
4 pairs of underwear
2 Comfortable and knee-length shorts
2 comfortable long trousers
1 pair of tall woolen socks
2 pairs of high sturdy socks for trekking
2 pairs of comfortable but sturdy stockings
1 Warm suit for the night

  • 1 Pair of sturdy shoes with a bodied sole
  • Slippers for the shower
To stay warm …
1 Wool cap
1 Scarf or neck warmer
1 pair of winter gloves
For the toilet
  • 1 Swimsuit
  • Bathrobe, preferably in microfibre, of a suitable size capable of guaranteeing personal intimacy (to be left at the camp during trekking)
  • 1 Personal hygiene towel
  • 1 Small shampoo, preferably biodegradable (max 100 gr)
  • 1 large shampoo (leave the camp during the trek)
  • 1 toothbrush and small toothpaste (max 100 gr)
  • 1 Natural Marseille soap (max 100 gr)
  • Sun cream in a light tube (max 150 gr)
  • Generic cream in light tube (“PREP” recommended)
  • Lip cream
  • Tissues
  • Lightweight belt
  • Small flashlight (better if led and front) with charged batteries
  • Cell phone charged and off (it will not be possible to recharge it at the Camp)
Recommended but not mandatory
  • Box of matches (in a watertight and light container)
  • 2 meters of generic nylon cord diam. 4 mm
  • Rain cover
  • Some blisters for blisters
  • A whistle and a compass
More to know
It is important to have a large bag of cloth to devote to dirty clothes while waiting for cleaning! We therefore remind you that there are moments for washing laundry.

Guests can have a small amount of money, no more than € 35, to use for small expenses (ice cream, souvenirs, …)

We remind you that for educational and security reasons, it is not possible to bring to the Camp:
• Any food
• Books, also educational, or comics
• Music players and electronic games
• Blunt objects (pocket knives, slingshots, etc.)