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Valley and mountains

Uncontaminated nature

Places of adventure

In which to experience nature!

As in the stories of adventure, even children and young guests of the camp can enjoy places to admire and explore with the joy of continuous discoveries and fascinating encounters … Environments where to fly the imagination and where to meet engaging realities for the better nature holidays on mountains!

The Val Taleggio

A wonderful valley, pearl of the Orobie Alps! Ancient boundary between the Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Venice, today it is a place of uncontaminated nature and of people determined and linked to the rhythms of the seasons, dedicated to the breeding of livestock and to the production of cheeses known all over the world …

  • The cabins with roofs in “piode”

  • The Enna river

  • Woods and meadows

  • Rural life

  • The cheeses

The surrounding peaks

Il Camp enjoys a marvelous setting made of mountains and peaks famous among the Alpine goers, place of sporting competitions such as the Giro d’Italia and Val Taleggio Trail, departure of the path of the Western Orobie, destinations known to skiers!

  • Artavaggio Plans

  • Corno Zuccone

  • Mount Venturosa

  • Sodadura peak

  • Mount Resegone

The Orobie Park

The Camp borders with the Orobie Park and benefits from the proximity of a protected natural area: in the structure we find a variety of trees and valuable shrubs, healthy and abundant, and it is easy to meet wild animals otherwise difficult to observe: roe deer , deer and badgers, chamois, foxes and buzzards, squirrels and nocturnal birds of prey are friendly to the camp! During the excursions outside the camp it is possible to admire the jumps of the marmots, observe the ibex on the cliffs and see the eagles circling in the sky…
  • I caprioli

  • Le poiane

  • L’allocco

  • La volpe

  • I cervi

  • Le marmotte

  • Gli stambecchi