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Master Camp

The experience of scouts trekking

An adventurous summer trekking for teens

For boys and girls aged 15 to 18!

“In the midst of the invigorating breezes of the hills, breathe deeply the pure air and proceed with an indefatigable step, savor the joy of living … Through mountains and valleys, with changing beauties at every step, the landscape is yours and you are free to go and stop and free to pitch the tent wherever you want. Enjoy the pleasure of preparing your meal at the end of the day on a small fire of hot embers and discover that no sleep is worth the open air with a warm blanket and the voice of Nature to keep you company … The fatigue? The rain? The cold? Yes, I suppose they come, but you will really end up not paying any attention to us … The bizarre street brothers you meet will give you many new ideas and, thanks to the fraternity that unites those who live outdoors, if you want, you can make You walk true wandering knight adventures, doing good deeds for the benefit of all along the way … “


There is no better story than this, written by the founder of scouting, to describe the sensations and emotions of an experience like the one we want to offer you! If you are a boy or a girl between 15 and 18 years old and have already participated in the Gulliver Camps in the past years, the Master Camp is a new opportunity to keep on walking, growing together with friends of your age facing new challenges: a stunning summer trekking for teens on italian Alps!

In summary

What is it

A community vacation experience!

Where is it

In the heart of the wonderful Bergamo Prealps!

For who

For boys and girls aged 15 to 18 who have already participated in the Gulliver Camps!


In the middle of summer, in the month of July!

How long

In eleven-day shifts!


It is a valid educational proposal: autonomy, essentiality and mutual respect!

Discovering nature

Open your heart to the views!

Master Camp is a shift designed for you and your peers, a new frontier of adventure and a new way to experience your summer in the midst of nature and the discovery of the mountains! It is not just a matter of knowing how to get by in situations and knowing how to get by with little: this will be an experience for you to confront with your companions to decide which values to put into practice to build the community … In this you will always be accompanied by educators experts who will do their best to help you live an experience to remember and to tell!

Take part in this experience

On the road to the mountains!

A traveling camp

Deepen and “consider!”

Master Camp is not a “Survivor Camp” but it is a traveling field that requires a normal physical capacity, to protect the health and expectations of the participants. Necessary and indispensable are adequate attitudes and abilities to the effort and to walk in the mountains that must be evaluated by the participants themselves and by the parents registering and comparable to the ability to cover approximately, with load of trekking backpack, 400 meters of difference in height in maximum 2 hours of I walk.