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to the parents

Our invitation to trust in us

A mutual collaboration

For the well-being of childrens and teens!

Dear parents, you’re welcome!
Campo Gulliver is an “experience to grow”…

Although fun, engaging and adventurous, the goal of Campo Gulliver is to make living, for the children and young people you want to rely on, a relatively short time in a community that has the goal of making available to fellow students adventure as much as positive each of us can give to others…

If we want to talk about “Education” (capital “E”) and not “entertainment”, it becomes important to define the reference values that we propose with operational coherence to Campo Gulliver. They are educating to AUTONOMY, ESSENTIALITY and MUTUAL RESPECT. Beyond the deepening of these topics that are well described in these pages of the site, however, it is essential that parents share these values so that the whole family can take the opportunity to receive from the experience of Campo the possibility of a peaceful comparison on how it can be to educate today.

If we want to talk about “Education” (capital “E”) and not “entertainment”, it becomes important to define the reference values that we propose with operational coherence to Campo Gulliver. They are educating to AUTONOMY, ESSENTIALITY and MUTUAL RESPECT. These values can be seen in these pages of the site, but it is essential that parents share these values so that the whole family can take the opportunity to receive from the experience of how it can be educate today.

So, dear parents, we recommend:

To “share” with the careful reading of the site and the presence at the Open-Day

Ours is a strong invitation to get information to “get better”. The correct knowledge of the proposal and the comparison with other parents whose children have already participated, inevitably leads to transmit even indirectly to their children that sense of confidence in the novelty that, in addition to being useful at Campo Gulliver, is also “educational style” “Of life. During the Open Days you can also see the structure, meet the Camp Management and some educators. Minors can begin to make friends with each other, understand where they will sleep, where they will eat and how they will wash. The goal is to remove all the normal concerns that everyone can have in meeting a “new thing”. Some of the Open Days are also a nice moment of collective celebration, where activities will be proposed to imagine and dream the adventures that will take place during the camps.

To provide correct sanitary information even before the camp
Once you have known us it will be important to “let you know”. So even before proceeding with the registration it is important to ask if there are, and possibly inform us in writing if there are, situations of “specific personal attention” that your children need: these are psychological, physical or hygienic-sanitary situations that could require a special and important personal attention, in addition to that normally provided, that the field may not always be able to guarantee.With this information, only if evident, we will be able to carefully evaluate the specific needs of children and young people and our possibilities to welcome them in the best way to ensure their health and well-being.
To fill in all the registration forms in detail
Careful and precise communication will allow us to get to know your children well, helping us to prevent and reduce the possibility of mistakes, as well as reducing our time spent on personal knowledge. Learning about the potentials and characteristics of the young people will allow us to “cut out” a specific role for each one that will serve to enhance the whole community. It is appropriate that children and young people do not know what you have to tell us about them: this will allow you greater transparency and objectivity. For parents it can also be an opportunity to “take stock” and “comparison and planning”.
To help children and young people to be protagonists
The camp is not just a holiday but it is an experience to prepare and start from home! After having accompanied your children to the Open Day they will know the place where they will spend their vacation and the educators that will accompany them in the permanence. They will thus be more serene and eager to leave to experience this adventure, and to ensure that they are even more ready … be at their side in “preparing the baggage”. It’s an important moment: the first “independent” moment! It will be a first way to “feel great” and responsible and will know what material and clothing they will have with them and above all …. where it is when they will need it. It will not be about “letting them do it all” but to assist them by helping them organize … without replacing them. An account is “to verify” that there is everything that is recommended by the camp, an account is to do everything yourself!
To remember that the departure … it’s a party!
Your children will live a journey full of surprises and adventures … the departure is therefore “the party” of those who share the joy of a beautiful experience that is coming! Do not exaggerate in greetings and goodbyes (maybe all relatives): they will be too many, your children will think they will not come back! Be on the side, or behind, to incite them and giving them serenity … As far as possible, let them bring their luggage! In this way they will arrive at the Camp with even more joy and willingness to live this adventure as protagonists! A sad and anguished face of a parent is a sure prelude to an irrepressible sad feeling due to the lack of a home … it’s a certainty!
Follow our daily updates
While staying at the camp and as far as possible, the Management will send an email every day to all parents. With it we will tell you objectively, as well as the daily activities planned in the program, also the situation and the general “climate” that children and young people are going through. We will inform you about educational intentions, any general problems and the modalities of intervention envisaged. With a little imagination, it will be an opportunity to “be present” in the field next to the boys! It will be an opportunity to give you the opportunity to consider the field proposals for their educational and training value and then to receive additional tools to “cultivate” the holiday in the camp, before, during and after its development. During the phone calls at home that children and teenagers will do, the information you receive via email will let you let the kids know that you know and that there is sharing and collaboration with the educators. In this way the youngsters will be able to perceive a “magic circle” around them and that for their sake they are working hard. If personal problems arise, it is also clear that the Directorate of Field will inform the parents personally about any situation (physical or psychological) that it will consider useful, evaluating with you any action useful for the good of the guests.
To always be available
So … For this it is essential that parents provide certain contact details and are always available to be contacted by the management.
To wait for the “final report”

After a few days from the end of the Campo shift, the Management will send by e-mail some personal observations deduced from the careful observation on the permanence of each participant in the field. This letter wants to tell how field educators have seen and known the child or the host boy and the ultimate goal is to give parents an instrument to “verify” what happens outside the family environment. We recommend that you take these observations in a spirit of simple educational collaboration … They do not express a judgment on the character or person, of which we do not feel authorized to give a decisive opinion. We ask you to consider these opinions as if they were modest notes, limited to a limited period of time in which we managed to stay with your child.

To give continuity to the offer
Children and young people during the Gulliver Camp will be able to acquire good daily habits and have experienced important moments of personal autonomy. They will bring home some symbols that represent the journey made to the camp and consistently with what is recommended here on the role of parents and always in a style of sharing, we suggest to persevere and value how good the kids will have acquired. Continuity will be the true and important educational tool! Finally, attending the proposal of Gulliver Schools and Winter Camps will allow the perseverance of the educational process undertaken …

The intent of these lines is to let you participate in our educational proposal in a simple attempt to do our best … Now we are waiting for you at Campo!
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