Boys and girls, welcome to a new and exciting kind of holiday, something out of the ordinary that is sure to interest those who have always wished to live an extraordinary experience. One that is made of small and big things discovered through thrilling adventures through the woods at the feet of spectacular mountains, as you sleep in a sturdy elevated tent or in a typical alpine chalet in the middle of the Orobie Alps!

Ragazzi sorridenti si abbracciano

Osservazione animali selvatici

Imagine spending your days in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature, as you observe and interact with the many inhabitants of the woods... or waking up each morning at the sound of music, zipping your raised tent open (like the ones built on trees!) and seeing the whole vale stretching out before you in the morning sun! Imagine building everything you need with your own hands, using materials provided by nature. Imagine discovering unexpected sceneries as you hike through the surrounding mountains, maybe greeted by the cry of a lone hawk!

Discover the nationality of those came at camp

And there is more: you'll learn about stars and constellations as you lay in a meadow, surrounded by the song of the crickets while the fireflies dance. You will learn how to orient yourself through mountain paths with a compass or using the sun and how to communicate with whistles, lights  and banners! You will be able to spend your evenings singing and dancing around a fire, playing with the new friends you will meet during this adventure!

  Costruzione tavolo con legno e corda

In short, Camp Gulliver in the Bergamo Alps offers you a chance to enjoy your summer living like  the intrepid explorers of old, who knew how to cleverly use their natural surroundings to their advantage and integrate with the land that sheltered them.

At Camp Gulliver you'll be able to experience, among other things: team games, sleeping, eating, singing, joking, archery, climbing, stargazing and many exhilarating adventures in the company of your peers coming from all over Italy and other nations.


If you are a boy/girl from 7 to 14 years of age interested in this cool adventure you can start now by contacting or having your parents contact us at  + 39 329 1881182 Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm (UK time) or by completing the “Request information” form that you can find on this web-site.