Just like Jonathan Swift imagined each place where the protagonist of his novel lived through his adventures, so the Camp Gulliver attendees can enjoy their wonderful experiences in a pristine and beautiful place far from the everyday life: the Orobie Alps in Lombardy.              
At the same time, the Camp Gulliver is easily accessible for it is located in Pra' Rondanino (960mt asl) near Reggetto, a small village in the Bergamo Province.

Cartina Lombardia

Una tranquilla località alpina

How to reach

The Camp Direction organizes specific escorted group travels by bus with escorts for each session. For those who prefer to travel autonomously, Camp Gulliver can be easily reached by car from Bergamo taking State Highway 470 towards San Giovanni Bianco.

It is a typical Alpine location set amongst meadows and woods that enjoys a splendid view over the whole Vale. All the major  surrounding peaks are visible and it's an ideal place for easy excursions to many uncontaminated sites.

  Tenda sopraelevata per la vita nei boschi

Baita rifugio: una calda accoglienza


The beautiful mountain scape, aside from providing the perfect environment for various activities, also makes a wonderful backdrop to the state of the art camp structures. All the buildings sport a rustic style that makes ample use of wood and rope, integrating them with the surroundings.

Camp Gulliver is the perfect blend between the needs of our guests and the Scout philosophy that encourages a balance with nature.