Mappa di un campo tra le montagne

Camp Gulliver offers unusual and  attractive lodgings that fit perfectly with the mountain location but still set up to cater for children and young people.

7 - 11 year old kids

This recently remodelled two story building has ample indoor space that guarantees the success of all activities and ideal lodging conditions in case of bad weather. Boys and girls are housed on the first floor in comfortable single-sex dormitories.

Ospitalità baita alpina per bambini
Campo di comunità  

11 - 14 year old kids

They are the pride of Camp Gulliver, comfortable and safe, they solve the common logistical problems of  ground tents and ensure the users' privacy. The underlying ample space offers a sheltered place were squads can eat meals and enjoy various activities. Each tent can house a single-sex squad made up of 5/6 girls or boys.

Let's see photos of camp

Camp Gulliver also has various additional structures that nicely fit in with the surroundings, creating a harmonious balance between the natural and the man-made :

  • Tibetan bridge
  • Astronomy observation tower
  • Permanent bivouac areas with fire-pits
  • Volleyball court
  • Mini Soccer field
  • Archery field
  • Table Tennis court
  • Climbing wall
  • Fitness course

Tiro con l'arco contro drago
Totem indiamo scolpito e lavorato a mano

Camp Gulliver facilities have been constructed to maximise sanitation and hygienic conditions, including:

  • Covered spaces in case of bad weather
  • Administration office
  • Kitchen
  • Refectory
  • Infirmary
  • Basins for dish-washing
  • Basins for laundry
  • Separate toilets for males and females
  • Showers with hot/cold water

Security is an integral part of our operation, especially with regard to food preparation and safety norms during activities. In particular:

  • Site security is assured all day long, including night hours
  • Food preparation and preservation are conducted in the appropriate facilities
  • There are a number of showers and washbasins, as well as hot water, intended for daily personal care
  • Toilet facilities are disinfected three times a day
  • The electrical systems installed under the raised tents are low voltage 12-24 V

Arrampicare e tre-climbing in sicurezza

  • Our personnel guarantees site cleanliness, as it is integral to fire safety
  • Our personnel is trained in safety measures. Evacuation drills and fire extinguishers are used in simulation games to teach safety measures to the attendees
  • Basic fire safety measures and first aid are taught during specific activities
  • All specialised activities (climbing, horse-riding, ecc.) are carried out by qualified personnel using certified gear