How old must a child be to attend Camp Gulliver?

Camp Gulliver accepts participants between 7 and 14 years of age. Please, rember that the attendance ages for each program are indicative and depend upon the related educational method. Parents are responsible for deciding which program is most suitable for their child considering age and maturity.

What are the sleeping arrangements like?

Depending on the age of the participants, children will be housed as follows:

  • 7-11 year olds in our alpine chalet, 11-14 year olds in comfortable raised tents.

My child is 14, will he or she have to interact with 7 year olds?

To meet the different needs and expectations, participants are grouped by range of age (7-11 /12-14). The different subunits will have separate spaces and activities adequate to their age. All members of a unit will be further divided into squads, so as to provide each participant with a specific role. Communal moments between older and younger participants are few and carefully chosen to be meaningful, usually at the beginning and end of Camp.

Are the children supervised?

Camp Gulliver offers a detailed educational program comprised of captivating activities that aim at educating while having fun, inviting all children to participate in defining the rules of the community. One of our objectives is promoting personal responsibility so we like to refer to our educators as older brothers who guide the children rather than supervisors. All our educators are of age and experienced; they follow the children 24/7 with a ratio of 1 educator every 10 participants. In case of special needs or educational issues, Camp Administration endeavours to take immediate action and is open to suggestions from the participant's family so as to evaluate different courses of action.

How and When can I contact my child during Camp?

Self reliance is one of our main educational objectives. Consequently, participants will be able to communicate with their families for a limited time, following a schedule that will be provided with the Confirmation Letter (usually 4 times per session):

  • 1. by using their own cell phones, that will be kept by the Camp Administration and only turned on at the scheduled time (recharging the devices will not be possible);
  • 2. by contacting the specific phone numbers provided by the Camp Administration.

If we believe it necessary for the continued happiness of the child, we will agree to an e-mail exchange so that you may reassure and help them through homesickness, malaise, etc. Direct communication with participants is otherwise not allowed unless in case of emergency.

How can I contact the Camp Administration?

We will be the first to contact a participant's family ,if a specific need or situation arises during a Camp session, in order to share information about health, homesickness or behavioural issues and reach a satisfactory solution. We are willing to cooperate with the families to insure that each child has a fun holiday and if you wish to give us further information you may contact us during working hours. In case of emergencies we are available 24/7. We will provide the Phone numbers for each Camp with the Confirmation Letter.

Can I visit my child during Camp?

We try to create a special atmosphere during our Camp Sessions so, in order to preserve it, develop our program to the fullest, prevent homesickness and give everyone equal opportunities, we do not allow visits unless in case of emergency. In any case, entrance to the Camp by non-staff members is monitored and subject to Camp Administration approval.

Which documents and forms are necessary?

The following documents are required to participate and must be presented at the time of arrival:

  • Health form filled out by your PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN within 5 days of departure and countersigned by a parent/legal guardian.
  • PRESENTATION FORM filled out by the parents/guardians. It will help us understand your child so that we may help him/her during Camp.
N.B. In compliance with the Law, we are not allowed to accept under-age participants without properly filled out and signed Terms and Conditions forms and Health Forms.

Do children have to bring money with them?

Only small purchases will be possible during a Camp session at designated times (ice-creams, and postcards). Consequently, we suggest that each participant's budget shouldn't exceed € 35,00. Participants will deposit their money with the Camp Administration at the time of arrival. In case of unforeseen additional needs, Camp Administration will pay in advance and report all expenses to the family for reimbursement. We advise participants to avoid bringing valuables (necklaces, rings, ear-rings, bracelets...)

Does my child have to bring his or her own medicines?

It is not necessary to provide participants with common medicaments for first aid (plasters, disinfectant, anti-fever drugs..). If a participant is following a prescribed treatment we will administer only those medicines listed in our required Health Form. All medicines must be deposited with the Administration at the time of arrival for safety reasons.

My child is allergic to something, what must I do?

Before starting the booking procedure you need to report any pathologies or allergies ailing a participant in writing. We wish to give everyone an opportunity to participate but we reserve the right to refuse an application if we believe that the situation is incompatible with our locations and programs.

What happens if a child gets sick or injured?

Health care facilities are easily accessible from our Camp and some of our personnel is trained in first aid. In case of health problems, families will be contacted as soon as possible to evaluate the situation and make the appropriate arrangements. Therefore, it is important to provide us with valid contact information so that we may contact you in case of emergency.

Can I give my child sweets or snacks to bring along?

In order to promote healthy eating habits and preserve all foods correctly, we ask that you do not supply participants with food or sweets of any kind.

How do I get to Camp Gulliver?

You may personally accompany the participant to Camp or avail yourselves of our specific chaperoned group travels (as indicated in the price list). You will receive all pertinent details (Arrival/departure times, locations...) in our Confirmation Letter.
In any case, we shall endeavour to be punctual and ask that you do the same and avoid lingering if you decide to accompany your child to Camp.

How can I make a Booking?

To book a place at Camp Gulliver you need to contact us to check for session availability and eventually proceed by giving us valid contact information. In the following 7 days you will have to confirm your booking by faxing us the properly filled out and signed Registration form and Terms and Conditions Form, including the receipt of payment for the booking fee. We will subsequently send you our Confirmation Letter. If you do not respect our terms for confirmation, your booking will be cancelled.

Visit our Register for Camp Gulliver Page for further information.

What should we pack?

A detailed list is available at our download page under the header "What to bring to Camp". In our experience, the listed items are sufficient considering that participants have to keep they things in order and can do the washing with our assistance when needed. We suggest that you choose comfortable clothing suitable to camp life so that children may be free to move without fretting over ruining their clothes. It is required to select plain clothes appropriate for communal life in order to respect everyone's sensitivities. To prevent accidents we advise against wearing necklaces, bracelets, earrings and piercings that could be potentially dangerous during games and outdoor activities. If you think it necessary, you may label all items with the ID that you will receive with your Confirmation Letter.

Is it possible to meet you and visit Camp Gulliver?

If you wish to know us personally, you may visit our facility in the Bergamo Alps during our Open Days that take place every April. During this event we present our programs and methods in detail. We are also available at our main office in Trezzo sull’Adda (MI) by appointment.